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urbancreek.com is a web site providing an uncomfortably complete history of Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, MN.

urbancreek.com is not a developer in Atlanta.  urbancreek.com is not an organization devoted to urban streams and their water quality, not in Santa Barbara, nor elsewhere. And it is neither a Chinese housing project nor one in the Philippines. urbancreek.com is not a Canadian housing project, nor a Canadian developer.

urbancreek.com does not refer to a street in Las Vegas, nor one in Kentucky.

urbancreek.com is not a defunct IKEA delivery service in Spokane.   urbancreek.com approves of monarch butterflies, but is not a garden designer. urbancreek.com does not make soap.

urbancreek.com is not an annual tour, but thinks it would be an excellent one. urbancreek.com is not a media company, but would not mind having one of their snappy t-shirts (size M).

urbancreek.com does not have a highly-personal blog.   urbancreek.com likes geocaching, but is not one.

urbancreek.com is not a Twitter hashtag, but thinks it would be OK if it were.  urbancreek.com is interesting, not pinteresting.

urbancreek.com loves music and thinks it is kind of far out that there’s a country rock band from Scotland who call themselves Urban Creek.

urbancreek.com thinks about Trout Fishing In America Shorty more often than chance suggests.

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