John Carbutt at Minnehaha Falls, part 3


Mollie Carbutt is, again, quite prettily posed against the butternut tree, while the Wilsons gaze across the gorge.  Edward L. Wilson was a prominent publisher of the “Philadelphia Photographer” magazine, which seems to have had some national acclaim.  And John Carbutt was among the most inventive and studious of early photographers.  This image was printed as a photograph and pasted into the “Philadelphia Photographer.”

There’s reason to wonder who took the picture, though most likely it was John Carbutt.   There is a second man in this picture, standing below the bluff to Mollie’s left.  He could be a random Minnehaha visitor, or he could be John Carbutt, or he could be Carbutt’s assistant.  If Carbutt appears here, then his assistant took the picture.


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