viewing the falls in the 1890’s, part 3

William G. Stafford worked out of 206 1/2 Central Ave. between 1893 and 1899. The card here was printed for that studio address, but there’s no guarantee that the photograph affixed to it is from that same time span.

Is this woman standing on the bottom of a stair?  This looks like the same stonework of other early pictures.

Probably this picture is from 1890-1893.  There’s the same stone “seat” in this picture as is seen here.

The Park Board took ownership of the Falls in March of 1889, and all the lawsuits against this condemnation got settled within a year or two or three.  They built their stone platform in 1889, and it seems they continually had to rework and rebuild it over the years.


Though some other, later pictures taken from this approximate location show a solid surface, here’s is a rivulet of water across a dirt surface and a lot of muddy footprints.  Probably this is from recent rain (just look at the Falls, above), but it could be groundwater management issues.


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